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We at AUS Floor Works committed to deliver the best in polished concrete and terrazzo flooring in Melbourne. We will do our best to help you get your desirable floor based on your requirements. We will add this extra touch and elegance to your floor.

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Polished Concrete


Install polished concrete with the pros. Our skills will smoothly meet your needs, help with your specs, and result in your best-case scenario in looks, needs, and finances alike. And of course, we are Husqvarna certified.

  • • Superior strength and durability
  • • Cost effective
  • • Low-maintenance and easy to keep clean
  • • Installation is quick, efficient and professional to meet your deadlines
  • • We work with the finest machinery
  • • Choose your own level of gloss, from matt to high
  • • Never wax a floor again
  • • Design and stain to look like polished stone
  • • Resistant to moisture, allergen free
  • • A sustainable flooring alternative
  • • Work with a company that is Husqvarna certified thank to over 15 years of experience in the flooring industry and a staff that is among the most specialized and professional in Australia. Call us for a free quote today
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Terrazzo Flooring


Beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly; what more could you ask of a floor?

  • • Ideal for environments that experience high volumes of pedestrian traffic
  • • Easily, efficiently and cost-effectively cleaned and maintained
  • • Dense, durable, and incredibly long-lasting
  • • Environmentally friendly; made from all natural materials
  • • Allows free form design resulting in beautiful, unique floors
  • • Hand crafted by highly professional flooring specialists
  • • Can be installed over tiles and patched/repaired in situ
  • • Architects, Builders and Homeowners alike will enjoy an efficient and timely planning and installation process (the floor cures in 2 hours, ensuring minimal downtime)
  • • Enjoy designing your signature floor with a company that has over 15 years' experience in the field. Call us today for a free quote!
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Epoxy Flooring


Our experienced staff can visit your site and prepare an obligation-free quote or specification for an Epoxy floor that meets your needs

  • • Durable, cost-effective and amazingly easy to maintain
  • • Aesthetically pleasing
  • • Thorough experience working and planning alongside architects and builders
  • • Site-specific floor systems
  • • Timely installation, preparation and equipment to ensure you meet your scheduling deadlines
  • • Top quality independent Epoxy-sourcing
  • • Work with a specialized staff and a company with over 15 years' experience. Call us today to schedule a free quote!
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Floor Restoration


Achieving Your Shine

We have the know-how to breathe new life into your old floor.

  • • Make your old floor look new simply by resurfacing it
  • • Save $$ by polishing rather replacing your floor
  • • Enjoy working with a professional company that's been in the field for 15 years and uses top-end equipment
  • • Our process is professional, quick, and efficient
  • • We use a dust-free system and ensure a safe and hazard-free job process
  • • We can polish almost any surface. Call us today for a free quote
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