Polished Concrete Experts In Melbourne

Known for their superior strength, concrete floors have been around for quite a while. However time, technology, and great minds have enhanced concrete floors, bettering their appearance and making them a highly popular flooring solution. Today, polished concrete floors offer an ideal solution for commercial and residential environments that are in search of a durable, attractive floor in Melbourne.

What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete Melbourne floors are a collection of aggregates that are embedded in a cementitious floor surface. Once the floor cures it is ground down using high-end equipment that contains commercial diamonds to enhance the fineness of the grinding process. The floor is ground down to reveal the aggregates to a certain extent and is then polished by using progressively thinner grinding pads – once the floor is polished to a pre-determined level of shine (which can be matt, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss) it is sealed to protect it from the elements – and Voila! A beautiful polished concrete floor is installed.

Can I enhance my existing concrete floor?

Absolutely, the answer is yes. By hiring a professional company to grind down your existing concrete floor using high-end machinery, you can acquire an entirely new surface. By grinding down an older concrete floor to reveal the aggregates and smooth out any uneven or damaged points and then polishing it to your desired level of shine, you can achieve stunning results. Before you go to the expense of replacing your floor or laying down a new one, make sure you look into the option of restoring it.

What are the advantages of a polished concrete floor?

It is almost unnecessary to mention that polished concrete Melbourne floors are among the most durable surfaces known – because they are concrete floors, though they sure are too beautiful to look like them, they carry the extreme strength and durability characteristics of concrete. Venues that experience high volumes of pedestrian traffic require such durable floors, however with a polished concrete floor they can enjoy much more. They have the opportunity to design a floor that will enhance and compliment their interior design, will shine to their particular requested level, will be cost-effective, easy to clean, maintain, and keep hygienic, and is also environmentally friendly. The truth is there isn’t much more you could ask of a floor than that!

Why choose to work with us?

In a fast-moving world where many companies enter a field for a year or two and then drift off, experience is imperative. Working with a company like Aus Floorworks, who has been in the flooring industry for over fifteen years in Melbourne, is a guarantee for success. Our specialized staff makes your ideal floor their assured goal, meeting with you – whether you are an architect with a deadline to meet and specs to write or a homeowner with a living space to plan – and walking you through each step, thoroughly and efficiently. Because of our vast experience, we are also Husqvarna certified. To read more about that, see below.

Husqvarna certification: A Must in Polished Concrete

Polished concrete Melbourne is a complex flooring project and should be done only by certified professionals using the highest quality products existing in the market. The Husqvarna certification guarantees quality and professionalism; in a market with so many small-time opportunity seekers, it is paramount to be aware of the dangers and potential disastrous results of working with a non-certified company.

Receiving a Husqvarna certification is a tedious and arduous task requiring much more than the right equipment; a company is monitored, audited, and checked for top quality performance, materials, professionalism and installation on every job it completes. Aus Floorworks in Melbourne has the experience, the skills, and the equipment to do a supreme job – and we have the certification to prove it, shown both by our Husqvarna certification and by our customers’ immense satisfaction!