What is terrazzo flooring?

Terrazzo flooring is a beautiful flooring system that is created by embedding aggregates of stone, glass, and marble, among other things, in cement or a resin base to achieve a beautifully artful and highly durable surface.

Why choose a terrazzo floor?

Terrazzo floors are popular for being both aesthetically and pragmatically superior. Because of the wide range of aggregates and resin or cement tinting options, the floor can be installed in a design that is unique to the specific sight – the design options are often said to be ‘limitless,” which is quite accurate; any design can be achieved with a specialized flooring company. Meanwhile, cement and resin floors are among the most durable floors in existence. The combination of strength and beauty makes terrazzo floors a truly brilliant flooring solution.

Further than both aesthetic beauty and pragmatic strength, a terrazzo floor can be highly cost-effective. Because it weighs significantly less than other cement-based options, it is simpler and quicker to install professionally. This results in less downtime for businesses and a great expense is saved via lower maintenance and cleaning costs as the floor lasts year after year, still looking great.

Why choose to work with us?

Terrazzo floors are hand-crafted and the contractors who specialize in them take great pride in their work – rightly so, as these floors are an art form and need to be installed precisely right to achieve their ultimate level of beauty and strength. Aus Floorworks has been in the flooring industry for the last fifteen years, and in the last decade we have been installing terrazzo floors with great success and unmatched customer satisfaction. We are available to meet with architects, builders, and homeowners alike to walk them through from the first stage of planning all the way to the installation of their heart and mind’s vision. We recognize that each client has different needs, expectations and ideas, and we are here to recognize these and provide them with their own ultimate flooring solution. Call us today to schedule a free quote.